Jeffrey Jurasky and Associates

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Jeffrey Jurasky and Associates

The creative, competitive world of interior design is defined by the imagination of its inhabitants, the clients who articulate their vision and the artists and artisans who translate that vision to a visual reality. Jurasky & Associates, by collaboration of architect, interior designer, contractor and client, have created an innovative team approach that is new, better, different, that defies convention as it refines a new industry standard. The firm’s principal, Jeffrey Jurasky, A.S.I.D., relates architectural fundamentals to client preferences as he conducts customized, high profile projects from conception through installation, focusing on details of design and function while respecting fiscal parameters. Involvement of the client in each phase of project development assures desired outcomes and satisfaction, whether the commission is residential or commercial. Jurasky’s intuitive sense of structure, lighting, color, texture, surfaces, mood, contrasts, and balance confers an adventurously creative edge that inspires him to transform space into unique aesthetic experiences.



Jeffrey Jurasky, A.S.I.D.

Jeffrey Jurasky, the principal designer of JJ&A and past-chapter President of the American Society of Interior Designers, was educated in architecture at California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, but cultivated his gift for interior design as a Design Associate for Steve Chase Associates, Rancho Mirage, California and as a Senior Designer at PGA West for Sunrise Company, La Quinta, California, before creatin gJJ & A in 1987. He has served as Vice-Chairman of the Planning Commission for the City of Palm Springs. He is the recipient of several residential design awards and has been published locally and nationally.


David Pitzer

David Pitzer is a congenital designer who carries the  dominant gene for creativity.  Colorful DNA is the basis for his motivation to design things beautiful from graphics, stationery and retail stores [including his own Seattle-based All that Jazz and The Paper Company] to custom Tibetan rugs in wool and silk.  It was rug design that united him with Jurasky in 2000, but an innate drive to “make it warm, make it comfortable and make it WOW!” resonated with the design firm, assuring his position on the collaborative team.